The Ultimate Superhero

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Sermon Notes

“The Ultimate Superhero” from 9:30am Sunday Service Sermons by Rev. Jessica B. Naulty. Released: 2017. All week, we’ve had kids who LOVE superheroes jumping around the church, so excited to talk about one of their favorite topics during our Hero Central VBS. They’ve been sporting their superhero t-shirts, bathing suits, capes, and towels—showing off some of their favorite gear. Kids love superheroes! But it’s not just the young… it’s children of all ages–my husband and myself included! With all the Marvel and now D.C. Comics blockbuster movies, it’s almost a cultural obsession. We look toward these super-strong, super-fast, uniquely talented individuals and are captivated by how they use their strength OR power for the good of all, especially the weak, who can’t fight for or defend themselves. The underlying battle of good versus evil plays out in each storyline, and there’s rarely doubt that the superhero will come out on the side of the good!