A Service of Celebration of Life and Witness to the Resurrection
Christians through the years have expressed what they believe about death, and life after death, through the care they have shown for their dead. A Christian funeral service helps those who are alive come to terms with the death of the person who has died. It does that in several ways:
  • It holds before us the stark reality of death. While we try to forget our mortality, death reminds us that life is finite, and encourages us to live our lives well.
  • It helps us to remember and to honor the person who has died, and in telling stories of their life, we are helped to come to terms with the fact that their life has ended.
  • It holds before us the promises of God, the Christian belief in the resurrection, of life in Christ beyond this time and age. In a funeral service we commend the person who has died into the loving care of God.

What do we do to organize a funeral?

The best thing is to contact our minister who will guide you through the process and support you in your grief.

What happens in a Funeral?

  1. A Christian Funeral is firstly a service of Worship where we give thanks to God for the person who has died.
  2. As a service of worship there will be readings from the Bible and prayers of thanksgiving for the person who has died as well as prayers of intercession as we pray for those who grieve.
  3. There is always an opportunity for some reflection on the life of the person as well as an opportunity to hear how the Christian hope addresses us at this point of grief and loss.
Handling Grief
If you are struggling with the loss of someone who has been close to you, please feel free to reach out to our minister.
Please use this form to contact the Church Office or the pastor who can assist you.