Emerge: Let Go – Leaving Behind What We Don’t Need

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Sermon Notes

“Emerge: Let Go – Leaving Behind What We Don’t Need” from 10:30am Sunday Service Sermons by Rev. Jessica B. Naulty. Released: 2017. Last Sunday, we took a week off our worship series to celebrate with our youth groups the amazing community they have developed and to hear from our high school seniors – but this week we return to the metaphor of the butterfly and its emergence from the cocoon and transition into flight. Since Easter Sunday, we’ve looked at how a butterfly, which started out as a creepy, crawly caterpillar, transforms in the dark enclosure of the cocoon, to emerge as a beautiful winged creature. We learned about the strength and persistence it takes to break out of the cocoon and the patience needed to rest during the in-between stages of life, those liminal spaces where, like the butterfly, our wings need to dry and become flight ready.