The God Squad is our High School youth group 


The God Squad

We enjoy working hard as well as having fun. The God Squad, our High School youth group, is a service oriented group doing volunteer work both at our church and in our community. Our Wednesday nights consist of discussions on current topics effecting our society as well as our faith. We have game nights, along with special trips to downtown Red Bank, and fund raising prep throughout the year. 
Twice a year we head out on retreats to bond and learn more about each other. However, the pinnacle of our year is our annual mission trip to Appalachia. We spend a week in one of our nations most destitute regions volunteering our time to repair homes. Our goal is to make warmer, safer, dryer homes for those most desperately in need. 
NOTE: with current COVID-19 restrictions, our retreats and Appalachia mission trip are currently being considered and as we know more we will post updates here.
 Our second semester will start up after the holidays. 
 Please reach out to Greg or Jim at   We can’t wait to hear from you! 
God Squad Youth Leaders:  Greg Jansky & Jim Stonaker

Some of our yearly events include:

  • Alumni Night
  • Christmas Party
  • Clothing Drive
  • Fall/Winter Retreats (TBD)
  • Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
  • 4th Sunday Service (TBD)
  • Youth Sunday

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