Adult Education | Bible Study

Join us as we gather for Adult Education | Bible Study on Sunday mornings at 8:45am and Wednesdays at 7:00pm via Zoom to learn about the word of God through our bible. You are welcome to come to either session – or come to both!  We look at current events and worldly topics and use these to help understand what God has given us through his word to better deal and understand what is happening in our society. (See Church calendar for schedule and Zoom meeting link.)
Adult Education Focuses on the words of Christianity and their meanings based on when they were written compared to today’s interpretation.

We will begin with a video series by Marcus Borg on his book The Heart of Christianity. You are welcome to read his book, but the video series is a set of lectures he gave on the topic that does not require reading the book to follow his thinking. This is a great place to join us if you have not participated before, or if you are a returning “regular” or anything in between. We look forward to seeing you!