Finding Your Mystic: Listening Beyond the Voices

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Finding Your Mystic: Listening Beyond the Voices: We often have a “cast of characters” living inside our heads that love to carry on endless conversations–each from their own perspective. The chatter of our minds can sometimes keep us from a deeper listening and it is often difficult to decipher exactly what constitutes a mystical connection to God. Getting our True Self into the chairperson’s seat in the committee meeting does not mean ignoring those voices of pessimism, people-pleasing or accusation, but instead listening intently to them and not letting them bully us into action based on fear. Letting them in and letting them go is the prayer of the mystic within.
“Finding Your Mystic: Listening Beyond the Voices” from 9:30am Sunday Service Sermons by Rev. Christina Zito. Released: 2018. Track 1.