Capital Campaign 2023 – Room 114 Project

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Room 114 Upgrades
  • Improve our environmental stewardship and hospitality by renovating room 114 to create a welcoming meeting space
  • Improved energy efficiency supporting our Green Faith
    environmental stewardship commitment and reduced energy costs
  • A welcoming room for group meetings, including Youth
    Group, Joy Choir, Sunday School, Yoga, Balance and
    Strength and various Community Partners
  • Easier to clean floors, which is especially important since food is often served in this room
  • Replace all remaining, original windows and install new blinds
    All new LED lighting and upgraded electrical panel Install new vinyl flooring
  • Drop ceiling 4 inches to house electric and lighting
  • Paint room, including existing cabinets and storage

Capital Campaign 2023 Room 114 project at a glance