Capital Campaign 2023 – Bathroom Project

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Bathrooms Renovations
  • Improve our environmental stewardship and hospitality by renovating the 1st floor men’s and women’s bathrooms and the 2nd floor ‘Antique’ bathroom with a modern look and feel as well as full ADA compliance.
  • Improved energy and water use efficiency supporting our Green Faith environmental stewardship commitment and reduced energy costs
  • Up-to-date, modern bathrooms for a growing number of users: Congregants, Visitors, Staff, Teachers, and Community Groups
  • Modern wall and floor surfaces for easier cleaning and sanitizing
  • Minimize possibility of future, large repair expenses due to rusted piping and compromised floor joists
    Full ADA compliance
  • Enlarge and modernize women’s bathroom with modern, low flush toilets and fixtures: 5 stalls, 3 sinks, baby changing station
  • Enlarge men’s bathroom & eliminate unsightly views with modern, low flush toilets and fixtures: 2 stalls, 1 urinal, 2 sinks, baby changing station
  • Replace 100-year-old rusting pipes in upstairs “antique” bathroom and add modern fixtures
Capital Campaign 2023 Bathrooms project at a glance