God Bless Us Everyone: The Redemption of Scrooge
Through our Advent series, The Redemption of Scrooge, we will ring out the truth of God’s economy – where “making change” has nothing to do with monetary success, and everything to do with transformation. Could you use a transformation for your life?
Advent 1 – 12/3 – Bah Humbug! Making Change
This week’s theme juxtaposes the world’s “economy” and God’s desire for peace and justice for all people – especially those on the margins. What is the price for looking out for “our own” and what is the benefit to “making change” in the ways God invites us?
Advent 2 – 12/10 – The Remembrance of Christmas Past: Hope From Heartbreak
This Sunday draws from Dickens’ story in how the past affects the present (and the future). As Christians, our hope for humanity can transform our personal sadness into conviction and action on behalf of others. Will we choose to sit and look at the candle of our life that got snuffed out by someone or something that took away our hope, our power and agency? Or will we light it again under our own power, reignited by God’s love?
Advent 3 12/17 – The Life of Christmas Present: Look Upon Me
Our Christmas story holds not only joy and mystery, but also fear and deception. In his fear of losing power, Herod causes devastation throughout Bethlehem as he shifts into a “get them before they get us” mindset. Unfortunately, “Bethlehem” happens in many places even today. Scrooge is asked to “look upon” the reality of the world and it cracks his open a bit and compassion grows. This Sunday is about our own “looking upon” the world and knowing that love is what we are made for… not fear.
Advent 4 12/24 – The Hope of Christmas Future: Death-Defying Acts
When the last Spirit shows Scrooge what could be – “how the story ends” – without some change in his life, he is faced with his of finitude. The scriptures today draw us away from fear of death… but rather into the joy of life lived with purpose.
Christmas Eve 12/24 – The Redemption of Scrooge: Keeping Christmas Well
This night’s theme focuses on the transformation of seeing a “good Christmas”: not as how many presents are under the tree or how “well off” we are individually and financially, but in how “well off” we are as community (church, local, global) who are well-blessed, well-loved, and well-loving.