jAdult Education and Classes

Adult Education

Please join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm and Sunday Mornings at 9:30am for our weekly Adult Education classes. Here we will cover topics throughout the year and review these via videos and books. See below for our current series of study:
Shaping Progressive Christianity
D. L. Dykes. Jr. opened up thinking and imagination about Christian tradition across the South. He spoke of an all-loving God who desires the well-being of all creation, all creatures and all human beings. He told audiences that human beings are created to be life-affirming and peacemaking.His message was a far cry from the traditional “bad news” kind of Christianity many if not most Christian Americans had been raised on. He claimed that Jesus was God’s intended model for what humans could be. He dignified human beings and told them they could be part of their own healing as well as the healing of human society. He told them that they could solve social problems and they could raise the quality of life for all people all the while supported and nurtured by a life-affirming God.

Today, we can imagine the evolution of his vision and his understanding. We have full confidence that he would be speaking to us in a new way and in a new language. He would approve of our determination to provide FAITH AND REASON® activities and resources to people that would inspire in them: — a deepening sense of the connectedness of all life; — a growing reverence for the entire creation; — an expanded appreciation for the faiths and practices of people from every culture, every land; — a desire to see distributive justice spread out among all people; — a determination to regard and dignify all people regardless of nationality. cultural orientation, gender, economic status, sexual life-style and faith persuasion; — and a deliberate longing for peace among nations, a world-wide commonwealth that benefits the entire human family and a sustainable plan for stewardship of the planet into the future.

Where from here?
These DVDs, produced by the D.L. Dykes Foundation from the sermons of Dr’ D’L’ Dykes, a United Methodist Minister for over 40 years, are used for discussion during class while we explore Progressive Christianity.

Wednesday, 3/8 & Sunday, 3/12

The Nature of God
Wednesday, 3/15 & Sunday, 3/19
The Nature of Christ
Wednesday, 3/22 & Sunday, 3/26
God, Jesus, and Salvation
Wednesday, 3/29 & Sunday, 4/2
The Authority of the Bible
Wednesday, 4/5 & Sunday, 4/9 {Palm Sunday)
How Did Jesus See Himself
Wednesday, 4/12 & Sunday, 4/16
Easter Week-NO CLASS
Wednesday, 4/19 & Sunday, 4/23
ls God Just?
Wednesday,4/26 & Sunday, 4/30
Does God Punish or Reward?

Thursday morning bible study with the pastor

The Thursday morning Bible Study is in the midst of a study of the Book of Genesis. All are welcome to drop in for one week at a time or stay for a season. Pre-reading is not required. So, come to find yourself along this journey of faith that’s been unfolding long before our time.
Adult Education and classes-the book of Genesis

Growing Older Gracefully

Come join retired minister in residence, Rev. David Henritzy from 10-11:30 a.m. on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. He will lead discussion and reflection on the challenges and blessings that go along with aging gracefully.
Adult Education and classes-growing older gracefully