The Landscape of Lent: Palms

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Sermon Notes

“The Landscape of Lent: Palms” from 10:30am Sunday Service Sermons by Rev. Jessica B. Naulty. Released: 2017. Today I want us to think about palms; but not the ones we received this morning and waved as we cried “Hosanna!” And not the palms that make us think of a tropical island, but the ones that are part of our hands! Our hands, palms and fingers are amazing things. Anatomy tells us that each hand is comprised of 29 bones, 123 ligaments, 34 muscles, 48 nerves, 30 arteries. Hands can hold. Hands can bless. Hands can make a fist to fight or to clench in restraint. Hands can comfort. Hands can heal. Hands can shake to close a deal. We depend on hands for so many things we do, from brushing our teeth and combing our hair, to eating, drinking and texting, to tucking kids into bed and wielding the remote…